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Hello...this is a community that rates people! everyone is welcome to join...here are some simple rules


1.) you MUST post an application 24 hours within joining time.
2.) don't be insulted if people do leave you negative comments. you joined and you asked for their opinion. but i will only allow a certain amount of negative comments from a user and then they are banished. this is to save the feelings of others because we aren't shallow.
3.) if you are accepted stay as active as you can.
4.) if you are rejected leave or reapply in a week with different pictures. you could also contact me and i just might accept you anyways =D.
5.) NO NUDY PIX! its an automatic no and you shall be banished if you do so.


1.) Name:
2.) Age:
3.) Location:
4.) Status (single, taken):
5.) Sexual preference:
6.) Favorite music:
7.) Favorite movies:
8.) Favorite books:
9.) Favorite TV shows:
10.) Write alittle bit about you:
11.) Why should you be accepted?

Pictures (atleast three and make sure they are varied)


^ although this application is short, i expect you to put your all into it and make it worth while.


you get banished if you do the following:

1.) harrass other members.
2.) leave 5 or more negative comments that are extremely rude, hurtful, and harmful.
3.) you are mean and shallow and disrespectful to your peers.
4.) if you apply or post any nude pictures of yourself.

If you have any further questions, please contact me via email. thank you much! <3 <3