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1.) Name: Ashley Rowe

2.) Age: 14

3.) Location: East Lyme, Ct, USA

4.) Status (single, taken): Single

5.) Sexual preference: Male

6.) Favorite music: Rock such as Nirvana and Lacuna Coil

7.) Favorite movies: Humor such  Monty Python and the Holy Grial and Drama such as Save the last Dance and Pirates of the Caribbean

8.) Favorite books: Fantasy Lord of the Ring and Reality such as real life issues with false chracters (teen types)

9.) Favorite TV shows: Humor - South Park, Simpsons and some Lifetime tv movies

10.) Write alittle bit about you: I am a dancer and My family is haveing a hard time right now. I have 3 younger siblings Two brothers one Sister. I am the oldest of 4. I am mostly a good student, have been on the honor roll. I love dance with a passion, have competed for about 7 years, doing a solo for 3. I love the stage. I can bring a smile to anyones face and i am a great listener. I have friends by the plenty whom which i adore. and I just love being arounf people. I dont worry too much on fashion but i know whats in and whats out. I am overall a great person.

11.) Why should you be accepted?

You should accept me because i would fit in so well and that i talk alot and would just be an active member. This would be a good experience to try out since i have never applied to a rating site before. I hope you consider my application and think about it. Thank you!

I am sorry most are all pixelated

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