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1.) Name: Melissa: (Lissa)
2.) Age: 15 (16 on Aug. 2nd whoo hoo)
3.) Location: St. Pete FL
4.) Status (single, taken): Single
5.) Sexual preference: Stricly dicky (lol)
6.) Favorite music: I <3 lots of music like Rap, R&B , Pop, Dance, 80's, 90's, Alternitive, Country, Rock, I like mostly everything, I just dont like hard metal
7.) Favorite movies: Pirates of the Caribbean (One word : Johnny Depp *melts*) Where the Heart is, A Walk to Remember (I cry everytime), How to deal (All the movies I've seen so far w/ Mandy Moore in them are awesome), Lucky 7 (its on Fox Family, its really sweet)
8.) Favorite books: Forever by Judy Blume, Anything by Lurlene McDaniel even though they are mostly sad, Violet and Claire, Cut, and life in the fat lane, (I read these last year and don't remember the auther because I read so many books and I don't own them)
9.) Favorite TV shows: Futurama, Aqua team or something, its on cartoon network at night (adult swim), its HILARIOUS, The simpsons, Punkd, That 70's show, Daria, The Family guy
10.) Write alittle bit about you: Well one of the things I absoulutly love doing is writing. It's my passion. I've loved it since as far back as I can remember. I'm always told I'm too quite by people who don't know me and too loud by people who do. lol. Its funny when people get to know me they are like "Where is that shy Melissa I fiirst met?"
11.) Why should you be accepted? I'll promote a lot, and post a lot, I love taking and posting pix. I've be super active and I'm a fun crazy person to be around



Playing Dress up (80's)


H x Core x Fo x Sho hahah




Showing off my awesome belt

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