ashLey ♥ (my_0nly_desire) wrote in fuckmypolkadots,
ashLey ♥


1.) Name: Ashley Elizabeth :)
2.) Age: 15
3.) Location: i live in sunny florida ..
4.) Status (single, taken): taken -i have been seeing alex for the past 3 months <3
5.) Sexual preference: i go for guys all the way :D ..
6.) Favorite music: i listen to about anything .. here + there im introduced to diff. music .. and i like it all
7.) Favorite movies: finding nemo .. aladdin .. mrs. doubtfire .. where the heart is
8.) Favorite books: a child called it .. the lost boy .. BOTH REALLY GOOD BOOKS !
9.) Favorite TV shows: fullhouse ! im a fullhoue fanatic !
10.) Write alittle bit about you: well im online about every hour of the day haha .. yes i do have a life but i love being on lj especially .. im an addict .. and i can't help !
11.) Why should you be accepted? i will promote like crazy ! .. and hope to bring alot of members to our community ..

Pictures (atleast three and make sure they are varied)


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