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1.) Name: Stephi
2.) Age: 17
3.) Location: Bow, NH (It's next to the's basically Concord...but richer, or something...haha).
4.) Status (single, taken): Confusing. Boys are dumb.
5.) Sexual preference: Free love, man!
6.) Favorite music: Acoustic rock like Hanson and Matchbox 20. I like some of almost every genre, though. Except rap...*shiver*
7.) Favorite movies: Birdcage, Pirates of the Caribean, and 10 Things I Hate About You
8.) Favorite books: The Notebook, Te of Piglet (haven't finished yet), Princess Diaries (so cute!), and I Was A Teenage Fairy
9.) Favorite TV shows: I loved Roswell before it got canceled. Max and Liz forever! I currently love American Idol and Best Week Ever.
10.) Write alittle bit about you: I'm a wicked nerd. I love video games, took Programming in Pascal for fun (ended the class with an A-). I LARP (live action role play). I love music and am very active in my school's music program. I was captian of color guard (don't know if I will be again next year...), in chorus, and was a Muleteer is the musical Man of La Mancha. If you don't know the show, I was supposed to be a boy and it's questionable if I was playing a jealous biker chick or a dude. I just tell people that whatever makes more sense, go with it!
11.) Why should you be accepted? Hmm...because I'm cool and pretty andddd active. And I heart polkadots.

Pictures (atleast three and make sure they are varied)

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